Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My New Neurosis

I thought I was down to 2 neuroses:
  1. My irrational fear of squirrels, and
  2. My need for all sheets, blankets, comforters, and duvet covers to be arranged perfectly flat and square on the bed whenever I am in it. (However, the bed can be messy and unmade throughout the day, when I am NOT in it.)

But today I have adopted a new one. Or realized one that already existed, I am not sure which.

I went down to the women's bathroom at work today, and was suddenly aware of my strong preference for the third stall. I began to analyze this affinity, and determined that the third stall door opens out (towards the sinks), while the rest of the doors open in (towards the toilet).

I don't like being in a stall where the door opens in towards the toilet. Is that weird?


  1. No, Jenn. Not weird. I never, ever choose the first stall. I betcha it is used more often than the rest because people are in a hurry... But then, I never, ever choose the last stall either because people probably are betting that nobody goes WAYYYYY down to the very last stall and then they use it. Or perhaps the first one is best to choose because other people are thinking like me, and don't use it?! (See? I am as neurotic as you and that's why we are "soul sisters!!".)

  2. No, not too wierd. I so longed for a door that opened out when I was pregnant! Now, toting 2 small children, we often end up in the handicap stall because the door opens out and we can get all of us in easier. Just an FYI to Becky, I watched a news story a few years back and they did a study on the stalls people use. The most used stall? 2nd from the door. The least used? The closest to the door.