Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Abdominal Muscles,

I have not seen you in ages! You can imagine my surprise when you showed up last week in my aerobics class! I had no idea I would find you at the gym. Have you been going there for a long time? I'm brand new to the class.

Perhaps you remember the last time we spoke? I think it was almost 13 years ago, after the birth of Chandler, when I coaxed you into helping me lose some baby fat. You were a ton of help with that. Thanks a bunch. But then it seems like you disappeared and I haven't heard from you since. Hey, don't be such a stranger!

By the way, while I have missed you, I am finding that our recent re-acquaintance has been laced with bits of resentment. I am sorry for more than a decade of neglect, but must you bring it up every time I giggle? Laughter should NOT be painful! Remember the old love song, "Reunited and it Feels so Good?" I'm ready for some of those GOOD feelings. Enough with your bellyaching.

If we are going to be friends, we are going to have to invest in this relationship. I beg you to let go of your bitterness and give us a fresh start. We're both too old to hold grudges. So, what do you say? Friends?

Oh, and if you see my glutes will you tell them I said, "Hi?"

Love, Jenn

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  1. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Not sure I'm ready to find my abs yet. Hope they'll wait for me.