Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A "Wait"ress in the Making

Patience. I thought I had it. I don't.

If I could make things happen with a snap of my fingers, then in the next 5 minutes we would be finished with our fundraising, and on our way to France. I would also have sculpted arm muscles. Nevertheless, I do not have the finger snapping magic I desire, and so for funding and fitness, I must wait.

God, though exceedingly patient, does have the ability to make big things happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, He could have had our fundraising completed the day He called us to France. He chose to allow it to be a process. A time-consuming, resolve-testing, faith-building, nail-biting, character-shaping process. And so we wait....

But in stark contrast to the waiting one does at the post office or the DMV, this waiting is a very active process. Like a "wait"ress who "waits" on tables, I am hard at work. I am poised, notepad in hand, countenance focused, ready to take His order and do His bidding. There are noises and tasks all around me, demanding my attention. But until I get His order, I must not move. I am tempted to tap my foot. Roll my eyes. Check the clock. I think I am ready, but He alone knows if I am, or when I will be. So I wait. Expectant.

And I am thankful. Still not patient, but definitely thankful that in spite of impatience I am able to trust that this process is part of His plan to prepare me for all that lies ahead. Well, today I am thankful. Yesterday I was whiny--which is why I decided not to write a blog post. (You're welcome.)

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