Friday, October 29, 2010

Camp des Cimes

Yesterday we drove down to the French Alps, where we have a retreat with the GEM France Team. Besides anticipating a great time of teaching, training, and renewal, we have also been preparing. We Williamsons are leading worship for the weekend.

The retreat officially begins tonight, so while we did spend a great deal of time on sound checks and rehearsals, we also took a break and drove up to the nearby ski resort for lunch.

It was one of those heart-stopping, white-knuckle drives that twists and turns. Much of the road was only wide enough for one car, but that didn't stop traffic from moving both ways. Our car clung to the sides of cliffs in stellar fashion and by the time we arrived in this charming town--Les Deux Alps--we had worked up quite an appetite.

Our lunch was so quintessentially French that it took us a full hour and a half to consume it. And yes, we ate outside! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, probably 52 degrees. We did see some skiers and there was snow up on the top, but the full resort doesn't open for another month.

The Fall colors were incredible and we were fully inspired for the evening of praise and worship that lies ahead.

But lest you believe that I am living in a world of pure beauty, let me remind you that every rose has its thorn. Our thorn...brace yourselves...was NOT pretty.

First, here is our cozy room. We are tucked high in a chalet, and I was happily making our beds when...

I spotted a black spot on my bed. I looked closer, and to my great dismay, I discovered that the small spot was...

rodent poop, or as one might say in French, le petit souris caca. I was told by the camp director that it was not rat poop, however, but "mountain squirrel." Whatever. As far as I am concerned, that is just a yodeling rodent. And while I am not fond of feces, I was more concerned about meeting its maker.

Oh, but I did finally get to sleep. In fact it was not furry thoughts that made sleep a challenge, but a noisy heater. Still, even a rough night's sleep is of little importance when you get to wake up to this:


  1. "As far as I am concerned, that is just a yodeling rodent."

    Best quote in a blog post-- ever!

    So question here... do you sing in English or au Francais?

    It would be very beautiful to learn worship songs in another language...

    Enjoy your retreat and we'll be praying for you...

  2. Count your blessings that it was "only" rodent poop and not .... bedbugs!!!
    Major problem with those in the states right now.

    Hope your retreat is going well. We know your worship will be inspirational to all!!!

  3. Wow, GORGEOUS pictures and revolting thorn... :p
    How'd the worship go? That's so cool you guys got to lead it!
    Lotsa love, and prayin' for you guys!