Tuesday, October 19, 2010

La Gagnante

Pictured here is The Palace of Versailles/Château de Versailles (which many people had correctly deduced) AND the Apollo Fountain/Bassin d’Apollon (which only ONE person named in her response.)

We purchased this puzzle because of all the beautiful fountains throughout the gardens of Versailles this one is by far our favorite. If you want the details, I found this info on Wikipedia:

The Apollo Fountain, which was constructed between 1668 and 1671, depicts the sun god driving his chariot to light the sky. The fountain forms a focal point in the garden and serves as a transitional element between the gardens of the Petit Parc and the Grand Canal

We have yet to be at the gardens when the fountain is actually running, but I have heard it is spectacular.

Anyways, the winner (La Gaganante) is my friend in Tualatin, OR: cegr! The puzzle will be in the mail as soon as we can bring ourselves to disassemble it.

My boys would like to do a puzzle contest like this every three months or so. Are you up to it?

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  1. I THINK that one of the Louis kings (14?) was called the Sun King.