Monday, October 4, 2010

Follow-Up to my Tough Day

This week I am feeling much better than last week. Unfortunately, David is feeling worse. We seem to be passing the doldrums back and forth like a bad cold. Let's just hope the boys are immune. So far they seem to be handling this transition better than their parents. Of course it helps that their dad negotiated with the French school system and successfully got them removed from Spanish class. You may have heard their sighs of relief back in the states.

Lest you are concerned that my competitiveness may put us into marital counseling before the year is up, rest assured that I am quite thankful to be married to the smartest boy in the class. We are learning how to best encourage each other--a lesson that is good to learn after 18 years of marriage. We'll probably be even more in love when the year is over. After all, growth, even growth of the "wedded bliss" variety, is often born out of adversity.

On a positive note, we ARE progressing in our language learning. Setting aside that fact that David got 28.5 out of 30 on our last test and I only got 27.75, I would say that we are both making strides. Last Sunday in church I think I understood the entire sermon. For the first time, I was not having to translate words in my head, I was just understanding the French. It was so cool. Then the next day we went to McDonald's for lunch and the woman behind the counter had to repeat herself four times before we could understand the three words that she was saying to us. Two steps forward, one step back; but an end result of forward progress nonetheless.

As for the issues related to the lack of efficiency in France, we are typically able to go with the flow. But eventually some frustration does creep in. Like when it has been three weeks since we signed up and paid for our Internet connection, but it still is not working. Like when Chandler's cell phone stops working and no one seems to be able to tell us why nor can anyone fix the problem. Like when it takes standing in four different lines in three different locations to sign a child up for cello lessons. You get the picture?

If I am not mistaken, based on an outpouring of love and compassion from my friends and family, I should receive an onslaught of Lucky Charms any day now. For those who still desire to contribute to my need for the magically delicious breakfast of champions, please mail your boxes to:

Jennifer Williamson
17, Voie de Wissous
91300 Massy France

I will be forever in your debt.

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