Saturday, January 15, 2011

What in the World!?!

You can win this lovely Starbucks Tumbler DIRECT from Paris, France!

But first, a story.

There was once a Sunday school teacher who asked her class, "What is brown and furry and has a bushy tail?"

Well, Johnny had been in Sunday school all his life, so he knew the answer. In his experience EVERY Sunday school question had the SAME answer. So he raised his hand, and said (shaking his head), "Well I KNOW the right answer is 'Jesus', but it sounds a lot like a squirrel to me."

So, here's the the game: Today, while shopping David and I came across THIS product:

(Forgive the photo quality, I had to take the picture using my phone)

We would like for YOU to tell us what, precisely, this product IS. However, because we know some of you are cheater-pants (like me) who will Google the right answer, there is a twist. You must respond like Johnny in the story above. That is to say, your response should read like this:

"I KNOW the right answer is ________________, but it sure sounds a lot like ______________ to me."

We will award points for BOTH accuracy and creativity.


  1. I know the right answer is wax for skis and snowboards but it sure sounds like a protective liner for life's little emergencies...when you need a safety net in public, it has you covered.

  2. I know the right answer is ecologically sound and politically correct bio-degradable wax for skis and snowboards, but it sure sounds like a remedy to ensure that your farts contain only trace amounts of methane or carbon dioxide to protect the environment from the evil human digestive systems.

    I just hope it isn't a suppository.


  3. So I know the answer is ski wax, but it sure sounds like a natural laxative!


  4. OK, I know the answer is ski wax, but it sure sounds like a wife's earth friendly answer to the methane gas cloud that can surround a loved one that lives close to her.

  5. Do you have any more of those tumblers, or can you buy one and send it to me? I will gladly pay you, of course. My wife had one from when we livd in France but I broke it by accident and am trying to get another one just like it...