Monday, January 17, 2011

Back on Track

I took a 5 month hiatus from running. Blame it on jet lag. Blame it on culture-shock. Blame it on overwhelming fatigue. Blame it on the fact that I left my running shoes in the States. Blame it on Kylan Kracher, who laughed out loud at me when I revealed the truth about the pace at which I run. (In his defense, I really do run unbelievably slowly. I may walk faster than I run. Which means we really shouldn't blame Kylan after all.) For whatever reason, I took a five month break from running; however, the break is officially over. I am back on track.

Running, for me, has always been more of a spiritual exercise than a physical one. While I run, my thoughts are clarified. While I run, God reminds me of His truth. While I run, I see where God is at work in me and through me and for me.

For the past several months I have been feeling very far from God. One explanation for the perceived distance is simply that Europe is a very dark place. Even though I was praying and spending time in the Word, I continued to feel far from God. Then, on New Year's Day I had a revelation: I need to run. I need to run because I need to have that time alone with Jesus.

I run in total silence, without an iPod. In the midst of my increased heart rate, in the rhythm of my movements, and even in my labored breathing I find that I am most aware of the presence of God. I am moving on the outside, but I am still on the inside. Running is my "still" place where I know that God is God (Psalm 46:10).

So while I have NO New Year's Resolutions, because of my New Year's Revelation, I am back in my habit of running three days a week. And while I will not drop any weight or win any races as a result of my running, I am certain that I will benefit. In fact, I have already. For in the discipline of running, I draw near to God; and, as He has promised, He is drawing near to me (James 4:8).


  1. At first I felt terrible...then Kylan told me you FB him about it first...and then I read the defense in the parentheses....LOL

    Keep up the running girl! What a blessing it is that you can focus on God during it.

  2. Woot-woot! Go Aunt Jen! Good for you - and so cool that running is your "God and me" time!
    Love ya - enjoy the aches and sweat :p