Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Dozen Little Known Facts, which May or May Not be of Interest

  1. We purchased a used microwave for 20 Euro from a family who was moving to Africa. But I have been without a microwave for so long, I forget why I ever needed one in the first place. Oh wait...MICROWAVE POPCORN! THAT is why I need a microwave.
  2. One of my biggest heroes is a long-distance truck driver. I don't think he knows he is my hero. I need to find a way to tell him. He is a man of great character, a quiet giant, and I feel so blessed to know him. He also happens to be my second cousin.
  3. My aforementioned cousin introduced me to Derek Prince, who quickly became a favorite author. Have you read anything by Derek Prince? Or have you heard rebroadcasts of his radio program? If you do, you will be blessed.
  4. Hot chocolate (chocolat chaud) in France is sort-of bitter sweet, and j'adore ca.
  5. Our vacuum cleaner sucks. Or rather, it doesn't suck. Which makes it suck. Get it?
  6. David is "up to something" but I am pretending not to notice since my birthday is just around the corner. But seeing as I am an incredibly nosy person, pretending not to notice something is an act of severe self-denial. Because I have an inquiring mind. And inquiring minds want to know.
  7. The DVD player in our laptop has stopped working. Is that reason enough to get a new laptop? I really want a new laptop. And a dog. Not that one has anything to do with the other.
  8. We have had a friend sleeping on our couch for the past few nights. He is a GEM colleague who is in the final phases of fundraising. He and his wife hope to make the move to France this Fall. They will be working primarily with GEM youth...i.e. with kids like our boys. We have loved having him here and we really wish that his wife were here too! Of course, then the couch would've been a bit crowded. (I miss my guest room!)
  9. I received bises (kisses on each cheek) from about 10 choir members last Monday at our rehearsal. Before the Christmas concert, no one gave me bises at choir. I guess all of the time that we spent hanging out together during our Christmas concerts changed our relationships. We are now friends with the people in our choir. We have crossed a line. We are officially "in." How cool is that? I think we now need to arrive earlier at choir, though. All that kissing takes some of time.
  10. I am going to start running again as soon as I purchase running shoes. I will be missing the sunny skies of Spokane more than ever, but for a number of reasons (not the least of which is my love for French cheese) I need to get back on track (pun intended).
  11. I sleep with three pillows.
  12. We have recently learned three new verb tenses in French: Imparfait, Futur simple, et Subjonctif. Favorite new French phrase? "Debrouillez-vous!" Figure it out.


  1. Yes, we have sat under Derek Prince's old does that make us? Have you heard Ern Baxter's teachings (online)? He was a contemporary of Derek's. Also very rich teachings...Barb and Gary