Monday, April 23, 2012

In his spare time...

Our focus right now is to learn how to plant a church in France AND how to train other church planters in the future. To that end we attend classes one morning a week and we participate in the church plant here in Loches by leading worship and preaching as well as making other general contributions to the body of ChristBeyond those regular duties, David is often called upon to lead the morning and evening prayer times. In addition, he recently started his course work for his Masters of Divinity through a distance education program, so he spends several hours each day reading and writing and doing homework.

In his spare time (ha ha), David is teaching a hermeneutics class in FRENCH for some members of our church. This course is for those who really want to learn how to study the Bible, and it is intense. He has about a dozen committed students, and he does an amazing job. David is a gifted teacher!

After class last night, David received an encouraging note from our pastor, who said, "Way to go my friend :)  You glow when you teach ! Thanks for blessing the church."

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  1. I would take that class, if I spoke french and lived in Louches :-) Good Job DR!