Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adventure to Austria

Adventure is a wonderful thing!

Tomorrow, I get to embark on an adventure. My dear husband, who knows me well, gave me a ticket to Vienna for Christmas. I am going to visit a friend that I have known for 24 years, but have seen fewer than 5 times. We met in 1989, when Maren came to the United States on an exchange program and stayed in my home for three short weeks. We were fast friends and have stayed in touch across the ocean and through the years. She has three children and a husband, all of whom I am anxious to meet!

While I have a degree in German, I am sad to say that the French has crowed out the German in my head! I can understand a fair bit of Deutsch, but I fear I may be unable to form an intelligible sentence. Maren's English in tip top, and she speaks French as well, so I am sure we will communicate just fine.

One treasure I hope to bring home with me? These delicious Austrian chocolates that Maren introduced me to back in 1989!

I hope to post pictures from Vienna, where snow is in the forecast! Meanwhile, David and the boys will be back at home,eating guy food and watching movies with a lot of explosions missing me severely. 


  1. Blessings on your travels, and I hope you post pictures!

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  3. Monica and I ate those Mozart chocolates until we were beyond sick- they were so yummy! Have a fantastic time!

  4. Enjoy yourself and what a fun time catching up you will have!

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