Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On the road again...

I am on the go these days and finding it hard to catch my breath, much less blog! Almost all of the travel is ministry-related and I LOVE my job; but, just to give you a glimpse of my comings and goings:

Jan 16-21 Vienna
Jan 22-29 Loches (HOME!)
Jan 30-Feb 2 Paris
Feb 3-Feb 13 Loches (HOME!)
Feb 14- Feb 20 Portland, OR
Feb 21-Feb 28 Spokane, WA
Feb 28-Mar 1 Seattle, WA
Mar 2-Mar 19 Loches (HOME!)
Mar 20-Mar 21 Paris
Mar 22-Mar 24 Arcy sur Cure
Mar 25- ? Loches (HOME!)

In the midst--before, between, and after these jaunts--we have the joy of hosting friends from all over. Basically if our suitcases aren't packed then our guest room is occupied! And we are so happy about that!

We are looking forward to visiting friends and family stateside for the first time in two and a half years. Oh how I hope that I get to HUG a whole bunch of you in the next few weeks!

PLEASE pray for us during this hectic season! Pray for good rest, healthy habits, needed conversations, joyful spirits, and travel mercies.

In the meantime, I will do my best to post a blog or two each week. My little French computer travels well, and we will be needing your on-going prayer support.


  1. Counting the days till we see you guys...finally!

  2. Looks like we may pass each other in the air over the ocean - we're heading to Europe the night of the 12th and arriving on the 13th! :)

    Kate Egli

  3. cannot wait!!!!! SO excited to see you my dearie!