Thursday, April 3, 2014

Calling All Men

Does this blog make me look fat?

I'm just kidding. You don't have to answer that question. But I would appreciate some sincere input from you men who faithfully read my blog. Thanks, by the way, for being a part of my journey. 

Here's the dealio. I'm trying to write a book that is based on my blog. In preparing a book proposal, I have to identify a potential audience for said book. Most Christian women authors write women's books; however, I believe that my book (like my blog) will appeal to both male and female readers. But I need to convince a publisher of that idea.

To that end, your responses to any (or all!) of the following questions would be most helpful. You may respond by email ( or in the comment section.

  • What appeals to you about the Four For France blog? (content, writing style, length of posts, etc.)
  • What other blogs to you read on a regular basis?
  • How is Four For France unique?
  • What would make Four For France better? 
  • Is there a specific blog post that particularly spoke to you?
  • How would you describe Four For France to someone who's never read it?

Guys, I promise that I am not fishing for compliments, I really do need your input. Please, please, please take a minute to respond. You don't even have to write full sentences--just a couple of comprehensible phrases will suffice. Bottom line it for me.

And in case I forget to tell you later--thanks!

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