Sunday, September 8, 2013


When I say I have the most patient husband in the world, I am NOT exaggerating. Some would call him long-suffering. Here's just one tiny example of David's patience.

Often, when I'm working with yarn, I'm confronted with knots--knots that are probably a result of my own carelessness. Knots that are beyond my capacity to unravel. Knots that threaten to frustrate my work and slow my progress. 

I hate knots.

I yell at knots.

I stomp my feet, grit my teeth, and growl at knots.

Calmly, without saying a word, David stops whatever he is doing and moves to my side. He picks up the tangled skein and quietly sets to work. He doesn't tug and force the yarn (like I do), he slowly and carefully sorts it. And he never, ever scolds me.

The knots aren't his problem. They're not his fault. He doesn't have to come to my rescue. But he does. He always helps me. He has even pulled off the road during long trips, stopped the car, and untangled my yarn. 

He reminds me of Jesus. This morning David read aloud to me this quote from the book Quiet Talks by S.D. Gordon:
With infinite patience and skill and diplomacy and success too He is ever working at the tangled skein of human life....
Just as David untangles my yarn, God is constantly at work untangling my life. He, too, works carefully, gently, intently, and without scolding. Redemption is God's way of unraveling the knots in the human heart so that he can make us into something beautiful and useful.


  1. Love the pics! Especially the one where you're looking up to David.
    O by the way; love the blanket too

  2. David even looks a bit stereo typical french with the horizontally striped shirt with no collar... A mime artist perhaps?