Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two Unconventional Conversations

While walking on the beach in Ireland last month, Graham informed me that I needed to take special care of the sweater that he was wearing because he wanted to include it in his post-apocalyptic wardrobe. I didn't know my son was planning for the apocalypse, but I'm glad he's considering his clothing options. I mean, who doesn't want to look good for the end of the world?

Our family has this conversation about once a week:
me: "Last night while I was sleeping I was thinking..."
boys: "Wait a minute, which was it, sleeping or thinking? You can't do both at the same time!"
me: "But I did. I was sleeping, and while I was sleeping I was thinking."
boys: "Then you weren't really sleeping. You were just thinking with your eyes closed."
me: "No, I know what 'not sleeping' is like. I do it all the time. Last night I was definitely sleeping while I was thinking."
In the end, I never get to tell them what I was thinking about because they can't believe that their mom can sleep and think at the same time. But I can.


  1. Sleeping and thinking...hmm...you're truly talented! :p
    Graham's comment about your sweater makes me laugh. Will you have to put it under lock and key if, perhaps, you want it for the apocalypse?

  2. But of course you can sleep and think - you are a mom and moms can do any 2 things at one time (and usually more than 2).
    And it's never to early to plan for THE END. Good thinking.