Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Tribute to our Moms--a whole family post!

I don't hate all Facebook Mom videos.

In fact, yesterday I saw one that I loved. I loved it so much that I share it here. It is a video where song writers interview children about their mothers in order to write a special "Mother's Day Song."

But before I share the video, we decided to respond to the interviewers' questions regarding our own mothers.

Interviewer: Does your mom do anything that's funny?
David: She has a "thing" for a G.I. Joe-type doll named Chuck. After Chuck Norris.
Jenn: She pinches bottoms and cheats at cards.
Graham: No. My mom is not funny. She just thinks she is. 
Chandler: She messes up song lyrics.

Interviewer: What's you favorite thing that your mom makes? Is there anything that rhymes with that?
David: French Dip. And...leather whip?
Jenn: Pretty dresses. Rhymes with wetty messes.
Graham: She's been drawing lately. And no, I'm not going to come up with a rhyme for that.
Chandler: Tartiflette. Hmmm. Personette? Orangette? Flowerette? Oh, I don't know!

Interviewer: What's something that we could sing about how good your mom's food is?
David: Mmmmm
Jenn: Well it's my dad that did most of the cooking. But mom's a good eater. Could we sing about that?
Graham: Stop making salmon! I'm so sick of salmon! And quiche. Never make quiche again.
Chandler: Ditto to Dad. (Hey that's kind of catchy!)

Interviewer: Is there anywhere she likes to go on trips?
David: Hawaii
Jenn: Like the mall? She could spend a week at a good mall.
Graham: Everywhere! She just likes to go!
Chandler: Paris

If your mom had a super power, what would it be?
David: Scrabble and Gift Giving
Jenn: Ironing. Definitely ironing.
Graham: Black thumb for indoor plants. She can kill any indoor plant in record time. 
Chander: Writing skills...preaching skills...nun-chuck skills...

Interviewer: What would happen if all the moms in the world were gone?
David: Dads would have to make their own sandwiches.
Jenn: Well Macy's would go out of business, that's for sure.
Graham: How does that even make any sense?
Chandler: It'd be a really sad place. And we'd die out pretty quickly.

Do you have any words that we could start the song with?
David: Dear Mom, I am content. My first bite was of the squash....
Jenn: My mom is kind and a super-great dresser. She loves spicy food and she always makes her bed, yeah!

Graham and Chan in a rare moment of total agreement: Why bother with lyrics? She'll just mess them up later!


  1. I love it! I really love the boys answers especially Graham's first one. I do think you're funny and it made me think of your laugh. Miss you! Happy mother's day!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer. Thanks for your wonderful words.