Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Cuisine

It has been a bit hectic trying to move into our apartment and keep up with our studies. Nevertheless, we are getting settled one room at a time. The kitchen was our highest priority since we knew that having our utensils and cookware available would make meal preparations not only possible, but enjoyable.

When we first saw this apartment, I detested these shelves. Upon closer evaluation, I realized that these shelves are indispensable, as there is simply no other place to store my pots and pans. So even though this set up looks like a display from Williams-Sonoma, it is working quite well for us. And I am thankful they are red--my favorite color!

Do you see that tiny little refrigerator? It has got to be half of the size of my fridge at home. We are making it work, but it sure does change the way I shop. I guess it is a good thing that there is no Costco in France.

The dining room is in an entirely different part of the apartment, which is fairly standard for French homes. Many families will put a small table in a kitchen this size for breakfast and informal meals, but we tend to eat breakfast on the go, and we eat the remaining meals at our table in the dining room.

If we ever get our pictures hung I'll post some photos of the rest of the apartment, which, by the way, is almost the same word in French, but has a slightly different spelling: l'appartement. I lost half a point on a test last week for spelling it wrong--though it would have been right in English. Dommage!


  1. Your kitchen is so super cute! I love it :) And I love the small 'frig-- more incentive to buy super fresh fruits and veggies-- yum!

  2. Noticed the new thermometer. Also noticed your monthly need went up and you still surpassed it!
    So, so, so glad to hear you have a home to settle into.

  3. Love the garden door to the outside. How great that you have some outdoor space. Looks just like the HGTV shows on international house hunting of french apts. Barb Warrick

  4. Awww, the rows of pans on red shelves are so cute! I too think the snippet of a garden we saw through the door looks pretty! :)

  5. Can I get an invitation for dinner? Or Apple slippers?

  6. Dearest Barbara, you are cordially invited to dinner at Chez Williamson. Bring Cicada, I'd like to meet him.

  7. Love it Jenn! You look somewhat settled. We pray for you all and we look forward to hearing about your ministry in France.