Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tough Day

Tough day.

I don't have the energy to relay all the gory details, but I will give you some hints about the struggles we faced today.

First, let me inform you that French is one of two known languages in which there is no translation for the word "efficient."

Second, married people who must learn a language together should always get the exact same grade on every single test.

Third, teenagers who speak English but are learning French in a French school should not be required to take Spanish as an elective.

Fourth, there are no Lucky Charms in France.

Fifth, there are WAY TOO MANY pronouns in France.

And finally, someone told my son he looks like Justin Bieber.


  1. Send me your address- I will be your Lucky Charms supplier- it would make me so sad if you could not have that marshmallowy goodness. I can't help with pronouns or test grades- but greem clovers, yellow diamonds, etc... I am your girl.

  2. send me your address and yet more Lucky Charms will start their voyage to you.

    and in regards to the last point in your post... me thinks your son might be in need of a haircut.

    love ya!


  3. Oh, so funny! Fortunately, Edwin being ahead a bit in comprehending Tagalog has helped us not have the competition thing in language school (whether it be from us or outsiders). Also, I know what you mean about pronouns. Tagalog has three categories that you have to change up depending on who or what the focus of the sentence is (and then the verb form changes, along with it!). Sigh. I wish we were just learning Spanish! And efficiency...I can't even begin to detail how frustrating that issue has been in our lives these past 7 months! But we'll all hang in there for the glory of the Lord! (Actually, here I have a sweet lesson to myself: In Tagalog, the word WE can include the hearer (tayo), or exclude the hearer (kami). In this case, I'm including you, the apparently it would communicate better in Tagalog!)