Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Un Petit Test

Since I have a test tomorrow, I thought I'd give you a test, too. My test is on verb conjugations. Yours is a more general quiz about life in France. Some of the answers are verifiable and some are simply based on my personal experience. Nevertheless, I hope you discover something you did not already know about my new place of residence.

1. Typically, the French plan to spend what percentage of their income on food?

a.) 10%
b.) 20%
c.) 40%

2. We were without hot water for how long this week?

a.) 8 hours
b.) 24 hours
c.) 36 hours

3. The current transportation strike in France is the result of Sarkozy's suggestion that the retirement age be raised to what?

a.) 62
b.) 65
c.) 67

4. Don't even think about doing any official business during what hours of the day?

a.) 8 am -10 am
b.) 12 pm- 2 pm
c.) 5 pm-7 pm

5. The City of Massy, where we now live, spends what percent of its revenue on flowers?

a.) 30%
b.) 40%
c.) 50%

6. When going grocery shopping for multiple items, bring your own shopping bags, or else:

a.) You will not be allowed to purchase anything.
b.) You will have to purchase bags to carry your merchandise.
c.) You will have to juggle all of your merchandise in your hands all of the way to your car.

7. In France, the little hook just below the handle of your shopping cart is where you
a.) hook your dog's leash.
b.) hang your purse.
c.) hang your baguettes so that they do not get squished by other things in your cart.

8. Goûter (pronounced GOO tay) is:

a.) a common boy's name
b.) a horrible stomach condition
c.) an afternoon snack, typically something sweet

9. At a formal French dinner, the cheese course would be served:

a.) first
b.) between the main dish and the salad course
c.) just before dessert

10. On a French calendar, the first day of the week is:

a.) Monday
b.) Sunday
c.) Saturday

I'll give you the answers tomorrow!


  1. a,b,a,b,a,b,c,a,c,a

    I think I may need to come for a visit to improve my score!!!!!!

    I love you, Jenn,


  2. b,c,b,b,a,c,a,c,c,a

    Thanks for the glimpse into your new life. Sounds like you're having fun with every aspect.


  3. I think I would have preferred to try and conjugate verbs in French, but here's a go:


    So sorry about no hot water-- I love hot water...