Monday, September 13, 2010

Fête des Associations

On Saturday the town of Massy had its annual Fête des Associations. This event is a fair-like gathering where all the local clubs and interest groups have booths to promote their hobbies and recruit new members. We were encouraged by our school to go to this event and sign up for something as a way to get involved in our community and (more to the point) to practice our French in real-life situations.

None of us thought we would find anything of interest, and all of us were pleasantly surprised.

As of next week, two of us will be singing in a classical choir, three of us will be learning archery, and one of us will be taking cello lessons. Pretty cool, huh?


  1. That's pretty awesome! So I'm assuming Graham is going to take up the cello? I know you guys'll have fun with archery...

    God bless you four!

  2. The classical choir is going to be amazing! The rest sounds fun too! You'll have to post vid someday :)