Thursday, September 13, 2012


I just returned home from Oxford, England, where I spent three wonderful days with my oldest sister, Barbara. Barbara is a professor at Indiana University and she was invited to present a paper at a conference on Ethnography at New College. While at Oxford, we walked and toured and shopped and had tea--activities that were sewn together by one long three day conversation spanning numerous subjects. It had been over two years since we last saw each other.

Here we are at Christ Church College, where some scenes for the Harry Potter movies were filmed--most notably those which took place in the Great Hall. Sadly, there were no floating candles, no magical ceilings, and no moving portraits.

We stopped for a pint at the Eagle and the Child (more commonly referred to as the Bird and the Baby). As you can read in the sign, this pub was the place where Tolkien and C.S. Lewis hung out! Pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.

Oxford is a beautiful town, and the weather was perfect. My big sister spoiled me by treating me to many meals. My kids are grateful for some favorites (like Jif peanut butter) that she schlepped across the pond for us. Last night--after 5 hours of travel on 3 different trains--I arrived back in Loches. Today Barbara flies back to the States. I am so very grateful for our time together.