Friday, September 28, 2012

Ten Totally Trivial Tidbits

  1. Did you know that the marshmallows that go in Lucky Charms are made by Amish people? Did you know that they sell whole BAGS of the reject marshmallows (poorly shaped, slightly discolored pink hearts, yellow stars, blue diamonds, etc.) in Amish stores? Did you know that my sister brought me a giant bag of reject Lucky Charm marshmallows? I pour them over my Rice Krispies to have a make-shift magically delicious breakfast.
  2. Gemma is obsessed with her micro tennis balls. OBSESSED! She can jump up and catch them in the air, she'll play fetch for hours, and when no one will play with her, she carries one ball in her mouth while playing soccer with a second ball. We have to take them away from her and hide them because she gets so focused on playing that she has accidents. She cries when we hide her balls.  
  3. Our family (all four!) went to check out a community choir this week to see if it was something we wanted to join. We (all four!) LOVED it. I am in the alto section, David and Graham are singing tenor, and Chandler is a bass. The people were great--very welcoming; and, they sing a nice variety of music, from classical, to madrigal, to contemporary. So this year, we (all four!) will be spending Tuesday evenings with Les Baladins.
  4. A 17 year old neighbor boy asked David to give him voice lessons, so David encouraged him to come try out the choir with us. He enjoyed it, and will be joining Chandler in the bass section.
  5. I am working on writing a summary of a chapter of a book on church planting. The book is in English, but the summary needs to be in French. It is a good challenge for me.
  6. After three weeks in school Chandler is the top of his class in both Math and History. I hate to brag (okay, really I don't mind bragging about the boys!) but he is even pulling a decent average in French! How does he do it? With a smile on his face and a song in his heart! I am sure that his daily prayer times with his friend Josiah are helping, too. 
  7. Last weekend we had the privilege of attending the baptism of our dear friends' eight year old son. We spent Saturday night in their home and talked and laughed well into the night. It is such a blessing to have friends that feel like family--especially when living so far from real family. 
  8. Speaking of baptisms, this Sunday our church will baptize three people! We will have the baptisms at a nearby lake, and a barbecue afterwards to celebrate. Pictures to follow....
  9. David has joined a small local gym where he can work out and play a weekly racquetball match with a friend. 
  10. Last night I taught Graham how to roast a chicken. Today I am making chicken stock. The house smells amazing! 

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  1. That is so fun that all of you get to be in Les Baladins! I guess I didn't realize Chan's voice was so low. :)