Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Day for Birthdays

This amazing boy turned 17 years old yesterday!
We celebrated his greatness by inviting a few friends over, friends aged 7-70 
(Diversity of age in friendships is one of my favorite things about living in community!)
These friends were asked to share an affirmation for Chandler.
He was honored for being hardworking, polite, faithful, compassionate, fun-loving, and kind. 
True. All true.
He received each word of encouragement with humility and grace.
And then we ate the cheesecake, which was his cake of choice.

Meanwhile, back in the States...
My oldest nephew anxiously awaited the birth of his first-born son.
This baby boy--the debut of a new generation--was named for both his father (Jordan Burris Korth)
And my father (Burris Dennis)

And he shares a birthday with Chandler.
Introducing  Burris Korth, Born April 22, 2014

Burris with his grandma (my sister, Barbara)

Much love and hearty congratulations to the new parents, Jordan and Chelsea!

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  1. Wahoo for both of those birthday boys. They both honor our family lineage, Chandler for his proven strong character, and Burris, the fourth generation to bear that unusual name.