Friday, October 3, 2008

5 Randoms

Apparently there is this game among bloggers where one person posts 5 random facts about him or herself, and then any fellow bloggers who read the five randoms are "tagged" to post their own 5 Randoms. Several months ago I read 5 Randoms on a friend's blog, but I never got around to posting my own. So seeing as it is a slow news day, I figured it was a good time for my 5 Randoms.

  1. Both of my children had the exact same birth weight: 8 pounds, 3 ounces. Unfortunately, I gained 10 pounds more in my second pregnancy than I did in my first!
  2. The only full time job I have ever had was for three months between high school and college. I worked as a maid at the Residence Inn off of Kruse Way in Lake Oswego. It completely ruined me for full-time employment. I am still traumatized by the memories of things found in beds and bathrooms...I will say no more.
  3. I eat 1/8 of a cup of plain m&ms every day between lunch and dinner. 109 calories of pure joy.
  4. I plan to write in my vote for President this year. I am currently accepting applications from those who would like to get my vote. I can't bring myself to choose "the lesser of two evils."
  5. I am a chronic insomniac. I do many things to minimize my insomnia, including running, eliminating caffeine after noon, and stopping eating 3 hours before bedtime. Still, I haven't slept in two nights. I have learned to rest even when I am not sleeping, which makes me functional during the day.
  6. Okay, I know this is supposed to be 5 randoms, but I felt that my take on Pauly Shore movies should not go without mention. Then again, who cares what I think of Pauly Shore movies?

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