Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We're Here!

I haven't slept a wink in 31 hours, so don't even begin to think that I will be witty or wise at this point. We'll just be happy if this post is coherent. Nevertheless, we are joyfully nestled in the Oise and have had a most fulfilling and enlightening (albeit l o n g) day.

Our flights were delightfully uneventful, and after renting a car and teaching it's GPS system to speak English, we traveled through numerous round-a-bouts to the home of GEM France missionaries Charles and Amy Cross. They have four beautiful children and have spent 7 of the past 10 years in France, so they know their way around! Charles had made appointments for us to meet with pastors from two different churches in the region with whom we may be working in the future. We were blessed beyond belief!

Our first stop was the warehouse-turned-sanctuary pastored by David and Corinne Rouxel. Theirs is a charismatic church that is passionate about reaching the Oise for Jesus. Though they spoke no English and we spoke no French, we connected through the patient interpretation of Charles and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Next we went to the Anglican church pastored by Nick the Vicar. His is a 150-year-old traditional church building that is filled weekly by a collection of International English-speaking believers. He and his wife are dedicated to spreading the gospel to the expat community.

This is a photo of the Chateau of Chantilly--we just drove by it, so I don't know much about it, but we thought it was lovely! More later. Love you all bunches!!!


  1. Wow! How wonderful to see you and hear from you so quickly! We are excited for you as you being friendships that will last a lifetime......xoxox

  2. je t'aime tous.

    ayez un jour béni

    merci boucoup for your attention to those of us at home on our knees in your behalf.

    (This is barbara, I cannot remember my log in information so I have to post as anonymous.)