Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Prayer Night

Every Sunday night we pray together as a family. We started this weekly ritual almost one year ago when we realized that God was calling us into missions. If David and I forget, the boys remind us. It is a commitment we have made to God and to each other, and we take it very seriously.

Just because we take it seriously doesn't mean we don't have fun. During family prayer we often find ourselves laughing uncontrollably, sharing private family jokes that no one else in the world would even begin to understand. No one except Jesus, who is clearly in on every bit of the banter.

Tonight wasn't really hilarious, though Chandler does have a knack for having gas at the most poignant moments--which is eternally funny to a primarily male household. No, tonight was one of those times when, as a parent, I dared to hope that my kids are getting it. The BIG it. The idea that living for Jesus is what it's all about.

As we prayed for our upcoming exploratory trip to France, it was the boys who made the following requests to their Father in Heaven:

"Lord, help us to have an impact in France."

"Show each of us how you want to use us."

"Keep us safe as we travel, but make us dangerous to the enemy."

"Thank you for all of our supporters. Help us to reach 50% of our monthly support by October 26th."

I have days when I feel like all I do is break up fights, nag about homework, and tell them to brush their hair. I sometimes wonder if they realize that life is so much bigger than iPods, Laser Tag, and Batman movies. I fail to see any hint of progress on issues of the heart for weeks on end. And then suddenly there are nights like tonight, when THEY minister to me. I was blessed by their faith, their boldness, and their sense of calling. Imagine what God might do through them! What He is already doing when they pray like that! Can't you just see the Father up there, sitting on the edge of His throne, slapping His knee and shouting, "Yes, boys! Yes! I will do it!"

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