Wednesday, October 22, 2008


***WARNING*** This post is filled with shameless bragging and unapologetic motherly pride!

Yesterday afternoon the Southside Christian Lions Soccer Team won their first game 3 to 1! Yea! This team of 5th-8th graders is made up of about 15 kids, most of which have never played soccer before this year. They have had the additional challenge of having very limited access to any consistent coaching. Still, they have played hard and had a good time at every game. But no matter how you slice it, winning is ALWAYS more fun than losing--so yesterday was a blast!

It was an amazing team effort, and I sincerely love all the kids on that team. On the way to the game I had 4 boys in my car, strategizing about what they needed to do to finally win a game. One of the boys said, "Graham, today you are going to get a goal!" Graham had come close to scoring in several games, but had not yet made a goal. I think our friend in the car must be a prophet, because Graham scored not once, but TWICE! Two goals--joyfully followed by hand slapping by players on the field, wild rejoicing on the sidelines, stifled smiles by Graham, and me refraining from screaming "That's MY boy!!!!!"

Chandler made 8 amazing, heart-stopping saves. If you are a mother who has ever had a child play goalie you know that it is horribly stressful! I almost can't watch when the ball gets close to the goal...but then when he makes a save I just have to cheer like a maniac!

Perhaps my proudest moment, though, was when, with about 2 minutes left in the game, the other team scored. A defeated-looking Chandler went to fetch the ball out of the goal and give it to the ref, as I saw Graham running towards the goal. He said a few words to his little brother, and then ran back to his position. On the way home I asked the boys what Graham had said to Chandler after the goal was scored.

He said, "Don't worry about it, Chan. It's just one goal. You have saved a bunch. It'll be okay."

Brothers. Love 'em!

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  1. Wow! What GREAT pictures! Hooray for that wonderful win!!