Friday, January 16, 2009

ALL for the Glory

The Bible says to do everything for the glory of God. I don't know about you, but that challenges me. Let's just take today:

  • I was unkind to my nearly-perfect husband (which does NOT glorify God)

  • I whined about having too much to do (not glorifying to God)

  • I disappointed a friend (not glorifying)

  • I went out to lunch (might have been glorifying, except that I over-ate)

  • I got a pedicure (glorifying to my toes!)

  • I messed up dinner (not glorifying)

  • I dropped the ball on a ministry need (not glorifying)

So here is my question: In the midst of my fallen the context of my frail spite of my disappointing dedication to disaster...can I still give glory to God? Can a melody of praise be heard above the constant rhythm of my mistakes? Is it possible that the Great Composer intends to work even my failures into the symphony of His glory?

Oh that He would do it!

In truth, when I am doing well, I am sometimes compelled to take the glory for myself. I can begin to imagine that I have accomplished something on my own, stand in the spotlight, and relish the applause. I can forget to give credit where credit is due--to Jesus.

And then there are days like today, laden with evidence that I am still a sinner. I know there is no glory for me today, but could there still be glory for God?

Lord, teach me to fail in a way that glorifies You. Let my weakness always point to Your strength, let my foolishness reveal Your wisdom, let my sin pale in comparison to Your grace. And Father, let Your kindness towards me lead me to repentance, that I might truly be changed into the likeness of your Son--to the praise of His glory--both now and forever. Amen

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  1. Dear friend,
    Glory for God does not come only when we doing the right thing. Sometimes it comes in what we do when we have done the wrong thing. From what I have observed of your life, you will make the wrong right and glorify God richly.