Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm a Quack!

I buy eggs from my neighbor, and they are SO much better than grocery store eggs. And prettier, too, don't you think? These eggs often have double yolks and the yolks are always a deep, rich yellow. As a breakfast lover, fresh eggs are one of my favorite things. But my neighbor has recently added ducks to her laying line-up, and as the ducks are quite prolific, I am getting about 4 duck eggs in every dozen. I didn't think this would be a big deal, I mean how different can they be? However, the other day Graham made himself a fried egg with a duck egg, and he had such a hard time choking it down. He thinks it was more the idea of it than the taste of it that was causing him pause. But why? On one hand, I totally understood his hesitation, but on the other hand, neither of us could rationalize why it was any different from a chicken egg. So I wonder, would you eat a duck egg? I could just use them in baking, but they are considerably larger than the chicken eggs, so I worry that they would mess up the recipe.

These are the moments when I realize that no matter how I try to be a "country girl," when it comes right down do it, I have "city slicker" written all over me.


  1. Oh do I relate......last summer we were given some beautiful duck eggs. We were excited - but then couldn't quite get around to having then for breakfast, then I tried hard boiled and that didn't seem to work, then maybe baking, but....and finally I broke them in with chicken eggs at a one to four ratio for an omelet so we wouldn't know the difference. Crazy. It probably is just a head thing - but it's real......xoxoxo

  2. Bronwyn uses them in the same ratio as chicken eggs. She's allergic to duck eggs, so it works well for her. I think you can at least use them for baking that way!
    Have fun.....waddle waddle waddle...
    love you!

  3. I had no idea that duck eggs taste different but to be honest even though I grew up in rural Arkansas and I still have never eaten a duck egg.
    I have a blog and want you to come and check it out. could I put you on my blog list?
    It is great to be able to keep up with you and your family.
    Many Blessings,

  4. You may live 'in the country', and I know you love gardening; but I know you are a "city" girl. You know that your country living is good for the boys, and you like to look at it out the window. But, you like the pace of the country, and the packaged goods at the city grocery!


  5. Yes. I have eaten duck eggs and find that they have a "wild taste." Sort of like the difference between venison and beef
    (both four legged; but do you really expect them to taste the same?) Duck eggs are PRIZED for baking. Don't hesitate to use them. I think you will find your baked goodies lighter and fluffier.