Monday, January 5, 2009

If You Can't Beat It...

The snow in Spokane is unrelenting this year, so we decided to make the most of it. We bundled up and drove to Mt. Spokane for a play day on the slopes! WOOHOOO!

Graham and Chandler started the day with lessons--Graham took the Intermediate Snowboard Class (below, middle, grey/black coat). He was awesome! Next time I'll try to get an action shot for you. The amazing Graham Williamson; however, thinks it is funny to swing the chair when the lift stops and make his mother hug the pole and scream like a little girl. Funny it is NOT!

Here is Chandler tackling the bunny hill on his first day on skis. Note the classic beginner form: poles out front, butt out back. By the afternoon he was racing down the hill at record speeds. Unfortunately, his stopping abilities are still somewhat lacking, which means he was the proud owner of numerous high velocity collisions--primarily with snowbanks.

While the boys were in lessons, David and I took some time to explore the summit runs. I was too cold to remove my gloves to take a photo of him, but my brave manly man removed his gloves to snap this pic of me near the top. He calls these my "High School Musical" sunglasses. Neither of us have seen that movie, but somehow I feel it is an accurate title.

We are all excited to get back up and do it again. Four skiing/snowboarding days were our big family Christmas gift this year. We feel it is an important part of our preparation for becoming missionaries in France--where two weeks of every winter are dedicated to a skiing vacation. I can just see us now, all four Williamsons going SINGLE in the lift lines in the French Alps, pairing up with strangers, and then having a captive audience for 10-15 minutes, where we can share the gospel while riding up the mountain. Skiing evangelism. It could work!

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  1. Skiing looks great - and what scenery! A perfect family gift......

    xoxoxo Can't remember my password so will be anonymous