Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Well

Poor David is sicker than a dog. He worsened over the weekend, and plans to get in to see a doctor today. His cough sounds painful, he is now sporting a low grade fever, and he really isn't much fun. Will you pray for him? And me. I'm not very good at this nurse Nancy thing. I much prefer David taking care of me, and actually so does he. Which means we are both out of our element.

We are leaving for our Greater Europe Mission Orientation in Monument, Colorad0 this coming Saturday. This is our THIRD scheduled orientation...something has always seemed to get in the way of our going. Last week I would not have imagined that David could possibly still be sick by the time we were supposed to go, but now I am concerned.

I suspect this could be more than just a nasty bug. Please pray.


David has a sinus infection, and is now on antibiotics. I anticipate a full recovery by the time we depart for Colorado! Thanks for praying.


  1. So glad. Poor guy. Is your whole family going to Colorado??

  2. No, just David and I are going. David's parents are coming to hang out with the boys.