Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Higher Learning

While I love to learn, being back in a classroom setting is challenging every fiber of my being. I have grown accustomed to my autonomy, which is virually non-existent in my current life condition. Interestingly enough, part of our discussion today was about giving up our rights. Americans LOVE their rights. Followers of Christ have no earthly rights. You heard me--NO RIGHTS. When we decide to follow Christ, we give up all our rights in this world, including:
  • the right to what I consider a normal standard of living
  • the right to ordnary safeguards of good health
  • the right to regulate my private affairs as I wish
  • the right to privacy
  • the right to my own time (YES, this IS the one that challenges me the most!)
  • the right to a normal romance
  • the right to a normal home life
  • the right right to live with people of my choice
  • the right to feel superior
  • the right to run things

Most of us have sung the song "I Surrender All," sincerely meaning it in our hearts. But I am realizing that the rubber is about to meet the road. Before I only had to SAY that I would surrender all to Jesus. Freely give it to Him. Now I am having to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. Am I really willing to surrender my dominion over how I spend my time? Well, I want to be willing, but instead I have been whining:

"Why do classes start so early?"

"Why do we have so much homework?"

"Why do we have to write a paper?"

"When do we get to play? or have fun?"

Whine, whine, whine. I am not a happy camper. On the flip side, the stuff we are learning is awesome, helpful, and important. I need this stuff. Please pray that I will let go of my right to choose how I will spend my time each day, and submit to the plans that God has for me in this place.

In the meantime, while David faithfully takes notes in his binder throughout every session, I play with the toys that have been graciously provided for people like me. Today I played with Gumby and a slinky. But I decided this was not Gumby, but Gumbilina, since I made one slinky into a tutu and another into an afro. Meet my new best friend: Ballet Gumbilina


  1. I am praying for you... Ballet Gumbilina made me laugh btw.

    Hang in there....

  2. Passing your house today made me VERY sad, yet--in context-- it is a mere shell without the lively, cute 4-some inside (and THEY are doing just fine, thank you...) Loved the update and I will pray for patience as you glean from each class-- refining, reframing and reexamining your hearts/views. God bless you!!