Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summary of Week 2

What a full week we have had. Classroom topics have included Views of Culture, Animism, What is Truth?, A Study of the Religions in Europe, Kinship & Social Control, Economic Issues, Cross-Cultural Communication, and Risk Management.

In our free-time (and I use that phrase loosely) we memorized scriptures, read articles about everything from Polygamy to Bribery (both of which are standards in many cultures around the world), and worked on learning French. Both David and I had the joy of writing three papers: one on Why I Need the Holy Spirit, one on Missiology (a field of study that combines Theology, Church History, and Ethnography), and one on a Theology of Suffering.

Do you have a Theology of Suffering? We each had to develop one through the reading of First Peter. I was struck by how contrary the scriptures are to the American right to the pursuit of happiness. Christians are promised suffering, and told to rejoice when we face it. Many missionaries here at CIT are going to parts of the world where Christians are persecuted. While we are going to a relatively safe place, we were told that in France it is pretty much common knowledge that Evangelical Christians are under government surveillance. Anyone outside of Catholicism is considered part of a cult and therefore suspect.I honestly have no idea what that means to us, except to say that our recognition of the need for prayer partners back home only continues to grow. Your prayers for us are probably more significant than you or I know.

Lest you worry that we are not having any fun, fear not! On Thursday, in the midst of a thunderstorm (joy to David's heart) we drove into Rutherfordton for a scoop of Doc's Ice Cream.

This photo of David and I reminds me of one of my favorite Gumby creations, meet Fred and Ginger Gumby...aren't they sweet?

On Thursday, when I showed up for class, the Gumbys were missing! I knew immediately that mischief was afoot. Upon more careful observation, I located them. They had been hidden in the classroom and were occupying very influential positions. One Gumby had been promoted to Worship Leader, and the other was holding a prayer vigil over the continent of Europe.

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  1. No fair! We need the ice cream eating couple to strike a dance pose now. How else will we know which couple is cutest?