Sunday, June 7, 2009


Since Union Mills is teeny tiny, to buy groceries, go to church, find a restaurant, etc., we must travel 15 miles to the blooming metropolis of Rutherfordton (pop. 4,131). If you call it Rutherfordton, they know you are from out of town, because to locals, its just "Ruff'ton."

Main street in downtown Rutherfordton is quaint, complete with Doc's Ice Cream Shoppe, which is actually owned by the town doctor. All of the ice cream is homemade right there in the store, and scoops are sold by weight--7 ounces each to be exact. Sample tastes are handed out on tongue depressors, and they'll let you sample every flavor if you like. I fully expect to become a regular at Doc's this summer. So far I've only had the Butter Pecan (a choice my Dad would've made) but it was DELICIOUS!

Last night we went to town to celebrate a classmate's birthday at Mi Pueblito--the Mexican Restaurant. While in town we picked up a free copy of the Rutherford Weekly. If we didn't already know we were in the Bible Belt, we would've found out by reading this paper. Just about every advertisement quotes a Bible verse, and there is even a weekly column entitled, "Let's Talk Bible." David was naturally drawn to the weather section, which was written by Robert Gamble in a folksy tone and was charmingly called, "Bob's Carolina Weather."

Our favorite part of the Rutherford Weekly, though, was an advertisement for a concert, which we simply had to include here for your viewing. David, being a music major and all, has sung in many a quartet. All quartets, whether string, brass, or vocal, have one unifying feature, since, by definition, a quartet is, well...never mind. Just tell me. What is wrong with this picture?

And I thought they made this stuff up!

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