Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Wealth of Wonderful Fathers

Some struggle with the concept of God as a loving Father because they have never experienced genuine fatherly love. Me? I'm lousy with it. I am absolutely spoiled by a presence of loving dads in my life.

I have a Dad that provided well, protected fiercely, teased lovingly, and loved lavishly. He is still one of my favorite people in the whole wide world!

I have a Father-in-Law who has always treated me with gentleness and generosity and shares my love for fun and adventure. I delight in every opportunity I get to play in his Montana playground.

I have a husband who fathers my children with amazing care and dedication. He parents with consistency (yet never lacks grace), sincerity (peppered with humor), and optimism (that cannot be daunted). He believes the best for his boys, and loves me by loving them so well.

Today, my hubby received this Father's Day greeting from my Dad via e-mail. David was blessed, and so was I, so I asked them both if I could share it with you. I appreciate not only my father's words to the father of my children, but the fact that he knows David well enough to write such a true and heartfelt sentiment.

Hi David, Happy Father's Day, a true wish for you this year!

You are such a blend of good and capable attributes, enabled by God, to be a real blessing to your family. We think Sons-in-law are pretty special, and as important to us as our daughters have been. Your special, and careful way of being Husband and Father is noted with gratitude by Barbara and me. It is clear that you take "head of family" in a Godly ordained way, and that your approach is just what two sons need to mold them into Godly adulthood. We know the boys will become more like Christ as they become more like their dad!

Of course, we appreciate your including us in the family circle. Many "in-laws" don't have such access to their grandchildren and don't share so many basic values. Thank you for that. You honor Jennifer in special ways, and in appropriate ways. Thanks for that. It has been easy to encourage her and your family because we know it is "right" for all of you.

Happy Father's Day, again! Burris

And may I add, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you fathers who are living in such a way that your children will not struggle to understand the Father Heart of God.

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  1. WOW!! What an encouragement from one generation to the next! What a blessing your father is to the men following him.