Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Education of Graham and Chandler

As you know, we have been on quite a journey to figure out the best scenario for Graham and Chandler's education.

We finally made the decision to take Graham out of the private French school here in Loches and enroll him in a US based ACSI on-line High School called NorthStar Academy. Chandler will remain at Saint Denis, at least for the remainder of the school year. We feel like the Lord has been faithful to reveal His plan for each of our boys, and each one has a feeling of optimism and hopefulness going forward. They both completed the first trimester with strong grades and positive reports from their teachers at Saint Denis. But Graham is certain that he will go to university in the States and would rather follow a US curriculum to prepare for that. Our church community here has been very supportive of this decision. 

NorthStar has a teacher-led distance education program that is fully accredited and they offer many AP classes that appeal to Graham. He is already off to a great start, and we are thrilled to see him enjoying school once again. On-line education seems to be tailor-made for people like Graham; he is motivated to learn, he works well independently, and he can move at his own pace. 

We are not blind to potential challenges, such as a lack of social interaction and diminishing French language skills. In order to try to address these issues head-on, Graham has committed to participate in our church community's morning prayer meetings Monday- Friday as well as a small group Bible study with a group of young men that meets once a week. Both of these activities are entirely in French, and good for the soul as well as the mind. Graham has also developed a rigorous exercise schedule which includes working out with a friend at least once a week.  

Both schools have tuition charges. We have received so many generous donations to help us cover these expenses, and we are thoroughly grateful--because the boys' ability to succeed in school is paramount to our ability to minister in France. We still need to raise a little more support to cover their tuition through the end of the school year, but we trust that the Lord will be faithful to provide. He always does.

Thanks so much for your love, prayers, and support. And thank you for loving our boys. We appreciate you!

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