Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Or, more accurately (though less catchy), guess who came to lunch!

We were blessed by a visit from Pastor Joe, the pastor of our home church in Spokane, WA. He is spending January in Europe as the chaplain for a traveling class of Whitworth graduate students. One of their stops was Paris--so on a free day, Joe took the train down to Tours, where David met him and brought him to our house in Loches. It was a little like show-and-tell for David and me--as we walked through our village showing and telling Joe all about our life and ministry here.

So. Much. Fun.


  1. No kidding - that's awesome! What a great smile in your day!

  2. That is so fun! I'm sure it was a blessing to everyone involved!

  3. So nice to have some of your American home in your French home. What a treat for you both!

  4. Hello to Williamson's in France.
    We were given your blog. spot by John and Pat Lee who are serving us in Cooperstown, North Dakota.
    Our daughter Kaia is living in Tours doing a semester abroad and learning French during her junior year.
    Are you close to Tours? I encouraged her be remember when we are weak(in French) God can be strong and that sounds like what you said with your ladies prayer group.
    She has a blog spot called "adventures of Kaia" and I gave her yours.
    Bon dimanche!
    In Him,
    Nathan Lunde

  5. I wish I were there with you! Oh, the trouble we could get in to... and the cheese! Don't forget the cheese!