Saturday, January 21, 2012

La Groupe de Prière des Femmes

I was asked by our pastor to take on the leadership of a women's prayer group that meets twice a month. I like prayer; I like leading; I like women. So why did  I hesitate? The French. Even though I think my conversational skills are improving (slightly), I still find it horribly difficult to pray in French--which requires using the subjunctive form of most verbs.

But how will I ever grow if I only do the things that are already comfortable for me?

So of course, I said, "yes."

And of course, God has met me, once again, in my weakness.

Typically, there are about 6-8 women there. Most of the "regulars" are members of our church, but the group is open to anyone, and it is almost NEVER the same group of 8 women.

It is a group of gracious women who are willing to let me lead them despite my broken, child-like French. They gently correct me (at my request). They greatly encourage me (out of their own kindness). And when it is over I find myself wondering if I could have possibly blessed them as much as they blessed me. Probably not. But that's okay, because its not a contest.

When I stop and think about it, I am amazed. When I left my job as Director of Women's Ministry at Life Center, I wondered if I would ever again have the joy and privilege of serving women in that way. I put anything that I considered a "gift" or a "calling" on the altar, and I asked God to consume them all with His fire. I did my best to empty myself, and I sincerely sought to be simply available--available for God to use me in any way He chose.

And what did He do?

He asked me to serve a group of women. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me, but it does, in a most delightful way.

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  1. I want to encourage you in your ministry, and thank you for sharing this testimony. When you said you laid all you considered a gift or a calling on the altar for God to consume in order to be simply available to Him, it was what I needed to hear today. I stumbled on your blog by "accident" and I praise Him for His mercy.
    Blessings to you and your family!