Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 Things that either made me laugh or cry...

The following is a list of ten things that make me feel like laughing or crying. Can you figure out which ones put a smile on my face and which ones brought tears to my eyes?
  1. The on-going battle of the fleas, and the sleep I am losing over it because when I crawl into bed I feel itchy all over--even though the only place I have seen any fleas is on Jack's body.
  2. The fact that Chandler ate left-over Brussels sprouts for breakfast the other day because there really, truly was nothing else available. (Yes, I did go to the market that day and refill the bare cupboards!)
  3. The crooked smile that French people give me when they hear my American accent.
  4. The overwhelming generosity of our  friends and supporters.
  5. Finally feeling free from my love of being front and center, only to discover that starting in February I am going to be teaching in church about once a month. 
  6. Bob
  7. The love note that David tucked into my purse just before he and the boys left town for a few days.
  8. Having Graham correct my French.
  9. The AWESOME new game that my sister sent our family for Christmas, which we have already played like seven times. (This is a trick question--because sometimes games DO make me cry)
  10. The fact that I burnt the caramel corn.

1 comment:

  1. I like the burnt caramel corn. You can cry and then laugh over this one. :) Love you all, Aunt Jenn!