Friday, September 12, 2008

Open House

Last night David and I went to an open house at the boys' school. Since this is Graham's fourth year at this school, we are pretty familiar with the teachers and friendly with the other parents. It's a great community of people.

So when the P.E. teacher (the only male teacher on staff) was describing how he was teaching the younger kids to throw a ball the correct way--as opposed to throwing it like a girl--he got a lot of guff from the parents and other teachers. But he just kept digging deeper and deeper into the hole.

Later, after we had been dismissed to our children's classrooms, the two middle school teachers were handing out behavior reports on all the kids. There were like 20 behavior categories, where the kids were given marks of "always," "mostly," "sometimes," and"never." "Always" is the best, meaning they are "always" exhibiting the good behavior trait that is being assessed. Well our boys are good, but let's just say we had a lot of marks in the"mostly" and "sometimes" categories. One of the teachers explained that 3 students, all girls, had received all "always" marks.

David didn't miss a beat, but quickly asked, "Yeah, but can they throw?"

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