Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you ready for some FOOTBAAAAAAALLLLLL???

Because the Seahawks aren't! Bummer of an opening game for our favorite team, but we are so happy that football season has finally arrived. Every Sunday we bond as a family over at least one game. We attend church around the Seahawks' game time. We yell at the refs. We root for our team. We analyze the plays. We love every minute. And just in case you are wondering, this is a true WE. I am not a football widow--I love the game! I may be the biggest fan of all. I have favorite teams, favorite players, favorite coaches, and favorite commentators. I wish I could be the chick reporter that gets to go down to the sidelines and talk to the coaches at half time:

"Coach Holmgren, what do you need to do in the second half to shut down this Buffalo offense?"

I can call plays and penalties. I know the referees' hand signals. I even know what it means to "be in the pocket," "run a bootleg," and "blitz the quarterback." I realize this is not normal for a girl. Especially a girly-girl like me. In my defense, I did grow up in Texas, where football isn't a sport, it's a religion. I have learned through the years, though, that Super Bowl Parties are out. I hate them because I am usually the only woman who actually wants to watch the game, and all of the other women try to have conversations with me and then think I am the rude one when my attention is on the game and not the gabbing. Football favoring females are few and far-between!

Enough about me, back to the game. So how about those new NFL rules? No more forceouts....15 yards for a facemask...and one defensive player gets a headset. It will be interesting to see how many defensive lines can call plays ala Urlacher.

Such a bummer for Tom Brady--out for the season---it changes everything for the league. And how weird was it to see Brett Favre in a Jets Jersey? The Chicago rookie, Forte, was looking like a running back that could make some miles. The only thing looking good for the Seahawks today was Mare, the much-needed new kicker, who is a guy that can find the uprights!

Ahhhhh. I love Fall.


  1. I'm with you sister! I'll sit through a game any day (and don't get me started on baseball....!). I love calling out the penalties at my son's football games. What a great time of year.

  2. WHHHHAAAATTTT? I do love watching football (albeit college football) but I am not near the fan you are my dear. Cheer on my dear!