Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All I Needed to Know I Learned from Telemarketers

Not. Actually the reverse is true. Telemarketers have diligently taught me how NOT to win friends and influence people.

Today David and I begin to call potential donors to set up appointments with them. We hope to schedule face to face meetings with people to share our vision for France, build relationships, and yes, ask for financial support. Missionaries call this process is "Ministry Partnership Development."

David was taught at his fundraising "boot camp" the importance of being a minister in the context of raising support. In other words, these face to face meetings are not just something we want to go to to GET something. The desire of our hearts is to be a blessing to every individual and couple with whom we meet, regardless of whether they become a donor or not. To this end, I make the following promises. Hopefully, after reading this pledge, you will choose to answer the phone when our name shows up on your caller i.d.:

We promise NOT to call you during the dinner hour.

We promise NOT to talk for ten minutes without giving you an opportunity to respond.

We promise to speak English.

We promise to honor and respect your boundaries.

We promise to be lighthearted, transparent, and sincere.

We promise to care about you, love you, and want God's best for you.

We promise to listen.

We promise NOT to record the call for quality purposes.

All joking aside, we begin the hard-core part of fundraising with fear and trembling. We can only move forward because we are certain that God has called us to reach the lost souls of France and we believe that where God guides, He provides. We do welcome your input/ideas/feedback about how YOU would want to to be invited to participate...and mostly, we covet your prayers!

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