Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You Made My Day!

Today, just before picking the boys up from soccer practice, I ran in to Safeway to grab one thing: a bottle of wine to go with dinner. I headed to the express lane and pulled out my cash, ready to pay and go. But I was stopped by the cashier, who politely asked, "May I please see some i.d.?" I was confused for a moment. I wasn't using a debit card, why did he need i.d.? Then I realized I was a being carded! Yes, folks, that's right! I was being carded to make sure that I was old enough to purchase alcohol. I thanked the cashier so profusely that I think I started to make him feel self-conscious. He then explained that he had to card anyone who appeared to be under thirty! UNDER thirty! This still made me giddy with joy. I'm sure my youthful appearance is the direct result of my new found commitment to waxing my mustache. Who knew a trip to Safeway would provide me with one of the happiest moments of my 37-year-old day?

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