Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Bedroom Mess

My house is about to get whipped in to shape, one room at a time. This week's focus will be the bedroom, which is peppered with piles of stuff that I'd like to keep handy, but not in disarray.

This is my knitting and card-making pile. I lost all crafting supplies in the flood of 2006, but have slowly begun to re-accumulate some yarn, knitting needles, paper, and other crafty items. The only problem is, despite this accumulation, I have not established a system or a place for said items. I can't wait to get these things organized. I am much more creative when I can begin from a place of order.

This basket was supposed to hold my slippers. Unfortunately, it became a catch-all for reusable bags, clean towels, ski socks, stray skeins of yarn, and who knows what else. I'm almost scared to see what I will uncover in this pile. On the right is, oh, portraits that need framing, stray pieces of grant-writing work, and probably an unfinished work of fiction that will be published after my death.

And this is my home-office space. It is obviously out of control. I hate organizing PAPER-WORK. This will be the biggest challenge for me. I might enlist DR's help, as he is a whiz with knowing what I need to keep, and what I can throw away. If it were up to me, I'd just toss it all. Or set a match to it.

Okay, so talk about motivation. In my ultra-organized days I would have been mortified by any such pile in my home. Now they are everywhere! By Friday I should have photos of these same places...only they should look much different. You may not even recognize them. Extreme Home Makeover, here I come!


  1. You go girl!! You have hidden it all so well.
    I never thought of using a tea cart as office space. Ingenious!

  2. Last night I tackled everything BUT the office stuff. I will work on that part on Thursday, as today is the day that I work all day at church. My room is looking better and feeling calmer already. I can't wait to get those "after" pictures up!