Monday, April 20, 2009

Loving Walla Walla

We spent the weekend in Walla Walla visiting our alma mater, Whitman College. As we drove into town, there was a banner welcoming us. Huh. I didn't know they were expecting us.

Graham took this picture of David and I. I was (delusionally) thinking we might be mistaken for students. After all, I WAS wearing my "High School Musical" sunglasses. However, later we were at John's Wheatland Bakery (our FAVE), and John himself asked me if our son, GRAHAM was a Whitman student. NO! No no no no no!

Can anyone out there identify what Chandler and I are doing in the photo below? It is a Whitman rite of passage. Anyone? You'd have to have done it to know. (Come on, V...don't let me down!)

But more importantly than visiting Whitman, we visited dear friends that we made while we we were in college. Dear friends, but not your typical college friends. The people we were visiting were families that took us in during our college years. Families with kids (who are now grown and married) and dogs and home-cooked meals who had us over for lunch after church. Families that became a refuge. Families that mentored us. Families that modeled Christian living for us. Families that became, well, family. We will be forever grateful for their impact on our lives, and are deeply blessed to have re-connected with them after so many years.


  1. Great summary. Thanks for helping us to realize how many memories we can rekindle when revisiting places and circumstances.

  2. Of course you look like a college student. Who else could pull off HSM shades? Glad you had a good time.