Monday, April 6, 2009

The Winds of Change

I used to be organized. VERY organized. I was industrious, scheduled, and (no lie) a list maker. I was so efficient, so Type A, that I tended to prioritize "to dos" over "whos." I needed to slow down and learn to relax.

So I did.

But the pendulum has now swung too far the other way. Of this I am sure--since dear David is the one who sent me the memo. How did I get here? What happened to my drive? And is it possible to find a happy medium?

I found the answer to the "How did I get here?" question while visiting my parents last week. My mom, who knew me to be an industrious, well-organized person from the age of 6, suggested that I crossed the line from "laid-back" to "lazy" as a result of my thyroid disease. Don't you love it when someone close to you, who knows the details of your health AND personality, can shine the light of perspective on your circumstances? I think my mom is spot-on (as usual!). Battling low-thyroid levels for over a year sent me into survival mode; I had to forget the to-do list, and just put out the fires.

But my thyroid levels are finally approaching normal, and I now have the energy I need to start tackling the things that I have let slide for the past 14 months. The problem is, I have almost forgotten HOW. I am honestly having trouble figuring out where to start.

So I have been sifting through my memory tryng to remember my organizational techniques, but it is hard because when I was organized it came so naturally that I hardly realized I was doing it. A few things I remember doing are making to-do lists, scheduling a day to each week to clean house, and scheduling a day each week to run errands. This will be my starting point.

However, I have been so lax for so long, there are some places around the house that need a major overhaul. To tackle these bigger projects, I am going to focus on one room a week. You all are my accounatbility partners for this. I am going to begin with my bedroom. I will post a picture of the bedroom today (Monday) and then again on Friday. The change should be shocking!


  1. I always secretly wished that my thyroid was the cause of my energy levels - alas the tests always came out great. I'm sure your motor will be revving and things will be moving along at the same good pace soon! xoxo Janica

  2. I will certainly cheer you on! I'm currently doing something similar, only mine hasn't been going on for 14 months! Thankfully I only had two months of catching one thing after another and a general feeling of being "under the weather." Then I just felt like giving up, looking at the housework. I'm doing better. I don't think I've been as organized as you, but I just have to force myself to do a little more each day and my energy is returning. Now, if only my waistline would go out with the mess!