Friday, April 10, 2009

My Bedroom: Restored to a Place of Order

I am so happy with the results of the first week of my own personal extreme home make-over! I definitely got my groove back. But above all, any attempt at organization must, in my opinion, be FUNctional.

FUN*ctional: a system of organization that can be easily maintained over extended periods of time without infringing upon a person's overall enjoyment of life.

Here is the place that used to hold a cluttered mess of crafting supplies.

I gathered all my knitting supplies (yarn, pattern books, knitting needles) and placed them in a basket in my bedroom. This space is easily accessed, keeping my knitting handy, yet contained. I used the same basket that had become a catch-all for all sorts of miscellany. All of that other stuff found better homes.

I put the card-making supplies into an old Rubbermaid container that I found...

...and then stashed it all in a corner of my closet with my sewing machine. Again, everything is easy to access AND will be easy to put back away when a project is compete.

Last, but not least, the home office space is cleaned up and fully functional. Printer paper is handy: ivory on the left, white on the right. The books on the floor are journals, most are new, just waiting for me to fill with ink. But my journals are just a tiny piece of my book storage problem.
Something I noticed as I cleaned and organized my bedroom this week was that for a family that loves to read, our home is shockingly void of bookshelves. Unfortunately, this means we have stacks of books all over the floor in almost every room. We rarely buy books; most of the books in our house are borrowed from friends or the library. Still, I need a system for our borrowed books besides building towers on the floor with them. Any ideas?

I have essentially resolved never to buy another book. At least not a paper book. Some day I hope to get a Kindle, and then I can go DIGITAL with book buying, which would allow me to have bajillions of books without needing ANY storage space. Ahhhh the joys of the modern era.

Next week: The Kitchen Pantry


  1. I am so impressed! And inspired! I won't be putting up any pictures though.

  2. Well done!! xoxox