Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Dear David and I are knee deep in the fundraising process--a process that has been surprisingly fun. Are you shocked? Me too.

I--a grant writer by trade--am no stranger to asking people for money. My own father says I was born asking for money. But asking Dad to fund a night at the movies or asking Bill Gates to buy a vehicle for the Red Cross are one thing. Asking friends--people we want to keep as friends--for financial support is a whole different ball game. But then again, its not about us. Not really.

The truth is, we don't want people to give because they believe in us. We are a family made up of three dorks and one super-cool thirteen year old who have no idea what we are doing. We will mess up. Dissapoint. Blow it. Don't give to us, we're not worth the change in your pocket at the end of the day.

No, we are so thankful for the many people who are giving IN SPITE of us. People who know that God is big enough and great enough to use three dorks and one super-cool thirteen year old. There are people who are called by God to participate in His work in France, and have a faith (and an imagination) that tells them that Williamson Four For France could be God's instruments for this work. These people give to God, and through their gifts, we are equipped to go and participate in the way that God has called us.

David and I and the boys have been absolutely humbled, blessed, and giddy by the outpouring of support. We could not say "Thanks" enough.

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