Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mt. Park Church

While we were in the Portland area last weekend, David and I had the joy of sharing our call to France with two different Adult Sunday School Classes at Mt. Park Church (MPC). This is the church I attended while in high school. David and I were married at MPC, and we were a part of the "Young Marrieds" class there from about 1992-1994. My parents still attend Mt. Park, so we still have many friends and connections there. In many ways, it felt like we were going home.

This was our first attempt at presenting our vision together in front of large groups of people. We struggled with the preparations, unsure of how well the two of us were going to work together. In the end, we realized once again that God is in this...and that is and will always be more than enough. While I think we articulated our missionary calling to France in a fairly clear and concise manner, I believe that we received much more than we gave. We were so blessed by the people of MPC who ministered to us with great wisdom, as well as genuine words of encouragement. We were able to re-connect with the Body of Christ at MPC, and as we drove home that afternoon we were struck by how amazing it is to be a part of the corporate Body of Christ. We may no longer attend church there on Sunday mornings, but because of Jesus, we will always be family.

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