Friday, August 22, 2008

16 Years Ago Today...

David seated his mom, with glistening eyes. And to think, just a couple of hours before this tender moment he was stuck at a gas station, having locked his keys in his car for the first and only time in his overly-responsible life. No worries, someone happened to have a slim jim handy for the nervous-looking guy in the tux who was humming "Get Me to the Church on Time!"

Dad and I were smiling and relaxed. The tension had just been broken a moment before, when my eager wedding coordinator, aiming to straighten the train of my veil, pulled the whole thing off of my head and sent it flying halfway across the church. The wedding march was played over and over while my veil was retrieved and placed back on my head. At last, "Here Comes the Bride!"

Such joy, such bliss...And finally, the Kiss!

And today, sixteen years and two great kids later, I'd do "I DO" all over again with you! Nothing thrills me more than waking up each day next to the love of my life. Just like our wedding day was filled with unexpected surprises, our life together has not always gone according to our plan...but given the option, I wouldn't change a thing!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two! Cheers to 16 years together or should I say "Santé"!

  2. Posted August 23, the day AFTER Aug 22! I know there is NO excuse for not saying Happy Anniversary on the day - I knew it was coming - we talked about it - and then WHAM it was over and I was reading about it in the Blog! Thanks for good memories (and teary ones when I saw that picture!), letting us share in your adventurous 16 years, for amazing grandsons - and we will be praying always for the next step in your path.
    With much love - Mom and Dad/Janica and Len